Herniated Disc

The vertebra in our spine are protected from rubbing against each other by spinal discs. These discs also act as a shock absorbing medium and are normally supple and flexible. But as we age, they tend to become stiff and less pliable and more prone to being injured. When a disc loses its elasticity, it is more likely to shatter and will push outward and is called a herniated disc. The herniated disc will tend to push against the spinal cord and spinal nerves. This will cause pain, feebleness and lack of feeling in the arms, legs or even the back.

Herniated Disc Symptoms

There are certain symptoms that indicate the presence of a herniated disc. When this occurs, the right commands are not sent from the spinal nerves. If the nerve from the spinal cord to the leg or back is compressed, one may experience shooting pains down the leg, similar to an electric shock. Pressure on the nerve to the neck section,will cause these shocks to travel to the arms. One can also experience a tingling or numb sensation. Muscles become weak as they do not get the right signals. A herniated disc, can also cause bladder and bowel problems. A feeling of deadness around the genital area or difficulty in urinating are all symptoms of a herniated disc.

Fortunately there are certain exercises that can help in alleviating pain from a herniated disc and help it to mend. A therapy ball is used in one form of exercise. One sits on the ball and gently bounces up and down for a few minutes per day. One should ensure that the buttocks do not come off the ball. The objective of this exercise is to accelerate healing of the herniated disc by bringing it vital nutrients. The benefit from this kind of exercise is that it will be able to address complications not only of the back but also those of the neck regions. A trampoline is also used as an exercise medium. One has to stand on it and keep marching in place and look forward at the same time. This will align the spine and enable them to heal faster. This exercise will also help a herniated disc, affecting the back or neck regions. Another exercise for the spine and back is, stretching.

Chiropractic treatments

An effective and popular way of treating a Spinal disc herniation is in the use of the services of a chiropractor. Chiropractic treatments are centered on the back area. The back pain specialist employs manual methods to first examine the spine and neck before proceeding with the treatment. This form of treatment involves the physical handling of the affected area. This will include the tissues, spine and joints affected by a herniated disc. The low back pain chiropractor, will also advise on the ways to be healthy. They will offer guidance on the mode of living and suggest exercises which will of help in offsetting the effects of a herniated disc.

A herniated disc needs to be treated in time and with the right techniques. If the condition is left unattended it would lead to a state of incapacitation. A back pain Chiropractor will be able to ensure that we can live a positive and energetic life.

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